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Written by Atle Riise   
Thursday, 24 July 2008 13:59


Rules and regulations for the seminar:

  • The seminar is a gathering dedicated to joint practice of Budo, to promote friendship, respect and cooperation between people.
  • The seminar schedule provided by organizers and accepted by Inaba sensei is obligatory for every participant
  • The seminar is an exclusive event for invited and qualified participants only.
  • During the seminar participants shall show openness, good will and respect for their teachers and fellow practitioners. Also, they shall strive to unite engagement with mindfulness, and care for the development and health of themselves and others.
  • While in the Dojo participants shall obey teachers’ instructions and guidelines.
  • Participants must immediately inform seminar’s staff (teachers and organizers) and partners in the dojo about injuries or any issues concerning safety of practice.
  • To prevent accidents bokuto shall be used only for Kihon Dachi and fukuro shinai for other series.
  • Participants shall report any conflicts or misunderstandings to the organizers and accept the given solutions with good will and patience.
  • Everyone upholds common harmony, comfort, tidiness and order.
  • Everyone shall observe Dojo and Dormitory internal regulations as well as the organizers’ guidelines.
  • Everything concerning personal insurance matters connected with participation in the seminar must be arranged by the participants themselves and on their own.
  • Participants agree to further eventual use – for educational purposes and promotion benefits - photos and recordings, taken during seminar.
  • Disrespect to the Rules and Regulations or disobedience to decisions of organizers is understood as a resignation of the participation in the seminar.


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